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Turn your fleet into dynamic rolling billboards with United Mobile Power Wash.

Your trucks serve as the face of your business on the road, making countless impressions with every mile. It’s crucial to ensure they’re sending the right message – one of professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail.

From Trucks to Tractors–Our Services Cover All Vehicle Types

Including transportation, commercial, farm, construction, and heavy-duty machinery.

Truck Rentals

Delivery Trucks

Long Haulers

Heavy-Duty Machinery

Semi Trucks

Tanker Trucks

Passenger Vans

Livestock Trailers

Farm Vehicles

Box Trucks

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Flatbed Trucks

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Tow Trucks

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Armored Trucks

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Truck & Fleet Washing Southfield MichiganTruck & Fleet Washing Southfield Michigan
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Your Exclusive Fleet Washing Partner

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When you partner with United Mobile Power Wash, Inc., you gain a singular point of contact for all your fleet washing requirements. A single call to us dispatches wash teams to your site, provides electronic invoicing, addresses inquiries, and guarantees your contentment.

Our Commitment To Hassle-Free Excellence

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Backed by our Midwest network of power washers and our in-house customer service staff, we ensure your interaction with us is consistently hassle-free. From our mobile washers to our receptionists, every team member adheres to the standard of excellence set by United Mobile Power Wash, Inc.

Why Choose Us?


Servicing the Midwest

Wherever your business operates, our services are adapted to your unique requirements, whether you’re stationed in a single spot or spread across the nation.


Size Doesn’t Matter

No matter the scale or variety of your fleet, our professional cleaning services are meticulously tailored to cater to the specific needs of each vehicle type.


Decades of Trusted Results

With over 30 years of experience, United Mobile Power Wash has remained the top choice for fleet power washing, trusted by industry leaders such as FedEx Express.


Always Here For You

Count on our consistent and dependable service year-round. Our expertise guarantees your fleet remains polished and professional, no matter the weather conditions or time of year.

What Our Customers Say About Our Fleet Washing Services

We have 10 trucks washed every other week. Having used a couple other services, we can say that United Mobile Wash is the best in the area. On time, efficient, and competitively priced.

Robert S.

Business Owner

United Mobile Power Wash has been washing our security company fleet for well over 10 years. Their service is top notch. They show up weekly and do an excellent job on our vans. They are professional as well as respectful of our property. We would never consider any power wash service other than United Mobile Power Wash.

Ron Ross

Business Owner